An operating system in a system plays a crucial role in terms of performance. It is actually a humongous task to build an operating system to live up or to exceed the levels of expectations of the users. Even though there are a large number of operating systems available in the market, there are very few that stood out from the rest.

Having an excellent performing operating system is mandatory to witness optimum levels of output. Here are some of the operating systems that are good performers.

Windows 10

The latest offering from one of the best and world-renowned technical giant Microsoft. Microsoft has generated very positive reviews from most of the users. According to the reviews from the users and professionals, the Windows 10 is very reliable and very efficient. Very much futuristic and it is worth spending every penny on it.

The operating system which is equipped to support all the latest software will find its spot among the best.


The Ubuntu is not the kind of operating system that you come across on a daily basis. Even though the Ubuntu has very less number of users, it is one operating system known for some good performance. Since most of the users are very used to some other popular operating systems, which gives a bit of disadvantage to Ubuntu in terms of User Interface.

Macintosh OSX

The Operating system from one of the exceptional names in the tech business, Apple. Like every other operating system form Apple the Macintosh OSX is also known for its reliability and security. As Steve Jobs, the Macintosh OSX is also very complicated. Hence it is hard for anyone, even for the hackers to get into it.

The Macintosh OS is very much recommended for the people involved in a profession that creative and artistic which include music industry, video production, image editing and so on.

Windows 8.1

It wouldn’t be an understatement to state that, Windows 8.1 came with a large number of competition and stood from the rest with a considerable margin. After the missing of the start button in the previous version, the whole was disappointed. The windows 8.1 sure did come back with the bang. This also had a lot of other features like creating a personalized start screen.

The app store was also had a better user interface. After a massive disappointment because of the performance of Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 sure did put Windows back on track.

Windows XP professional

The windows XP came in two versions. The home version and the professional version. Even though the user interface did not have much of a difference, in terms of performance, there was a considerable difference. The Windows XP professional had a lot of features in comparison with the windows home. To be precise, the Windows XP was one of the most significant leaps in the technical world and will always be one of the best performing operating systems.